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How Bankruptcy Can Help with Foreclosure in Wisconsin

Tough economic times have led to a proliferation of housing foreclosures across the country and throughout Wisconsin. That same climate has also given rise to an increase in bankruptcy petitions, some as a means of bringing home foreclosure proceedings to a halt. When you suffer the threat of losing your home from high, unmanageable debt, you may wonder how bankruptcy can impact the process of foreclosure. 

The experienced Milwaukee, Wisconsin bankruptcy attorneys at the Law Office of Rollie R. Hanson. S.C. can help you understand the bankruptcy process relating to an upcoming home foreclosure by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We have helped hundreds of clients in the Greater Milwaukee area stay in their homes when facing foreclosure. For 25 years, our lawyers have enabled homeowners to stop foreclosures throughout Wisconsin. In addition to a bankruptcy option for stopping a mortgage foreclosure, our firm also handles foreclosure defense, which is discussed in a separate section on this site. Please feel free to visit our foreclosure defense section for more information on foreclosure defense in Wisconsin.

Filing for Bankruptcy While Protecting Your Property

If you are facing foreclosure on your home, it is possible to use the protection of bankruptcy to stay in your home. In Wisconsin, if the lender is required to file a lawsuit in state court in order to foreclose on your house, the elnder must give you notice of the lawsuit and you can seek to reinstate the mortgage. You can also catch up on the defaulted mortgage payments before the sale takes place. Another alternative is to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Wisconsin. This will allow you to reorganize your debt and make up missed mortgage payments over three to five years.  

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys Assisting in Foreclosure Defense

Our lawyers at the Law Office of Rollie R. Hanson, S.C. want to protect you from the loss of your home through mortgage foreclosure. We can educate you on how bankruptcy can help with foreclosure, and examine your financial situation for the best approach to relieving the threat of losing your home. When you call our office you talk to an attorney right away. We know the stress and anxiety you face. 

Our goal is to bring you relief through solid, effective, and compassionate counsel. Our Milwaukee, Wisconsin bankruptcy attorneys will inform you of your legal rights in bankruptcy and foreclosure and help you realize the immediate benefit of our representation in your case. Contact our experienced lawyers at (414) 321-9733 for an initial consultation. From our offices in West Allis, WI, we serve clients in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, and Waukesha Counties, and throughout southeastern Wisconsin. 

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