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What Bankruptcy Can and Cannot Do for You

The ability to file bankruptcy is a right the United States government grants to its citizens and business owners. Though the law gives you the option of pursuing bankruptcy on your own, it is wisest to retain the services of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. The skilled Milwaukee, WI bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Office of Rollie R. Hanson, S.C. are the right team to protect your rights and help you make the best choices for your financial situation. Our attorneys will evaluate your financial picture and help you determine the best bankruptcy to file. As an individual, bankruptcy debtor, you will most likely be filing a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is an option for individuals but is generally reserved for business reorganizations. We will shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of filing bankruptcy and life after bankruptcy. Our firm has successfully represented bankruptcy clients in West Allis and throughout Greater Milwaukee.

Understanding Bankruptcy

Before you pursue bankruptcy protection, you will want to gain clear knowledge of what bankruptcy can and cannot do for you. In Wisconsin, depending upon your particular situation, and the Chapter that is filed, an approved bankruptcy brings a number of advantages to you as a debtor, including:

  • Resolving financial difficulties;
  • Automatic stay on debt payment and collections;
  • Eliminating most credit card debt;
  • Reduction and/or restructuring of debt;
  • Payments to creditors can be spread out over time;
  • A fresh start in rebuilding your credit;
  • Removal of bankruptcy on your credit report in 7 or 10 years;
  • Protection against immediate home foreclosure; and 
  • The ability to retain certain exempted property and assets.

Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorneys Who Can Offer the Help You Need

If you need to consider filing bankruptcy, a call to the knowledgeable Milwaukee, WI bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Office of Rollie R. Hanson, S.C. can help you make the best choices for your situation. It is our goal to put you in the most-favorable position to restart your financial life. Contact us at (414) 321-9733 to arrange an initial consultation and begin the road to debt recovery. From our offices in West Allis, WI, we handle bankruptcy and foreclosure defense for clients in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, and Waukesha Counties.

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