There are alternatives to creditor harassment

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Debt collection is big business in Wisconsin. There are primary stakeholders, such as credit card companies. There are also secondary debt collection agencies that specialize in retrieving funds that you owe to other people. Both of these types of organizations have quite a bit of power.

There is some good news: Consumers like you also have specific rights when it comes to your interactions with your creditors. If you are experiencing a rough time with people pursuing the debts you owe, you could have some options available.

Civil suit

Even with all of the legal avenues available to your creditors, they may still choose to pursue unethical or illegal methods to retrieve funds from you. There are many ways they might overstep their authority, such as providing you with false information or telling you that there is no option but to pay them.

If you have proof that something like this happened, you could potentially use that as support to file a claim against them. This could lead to negotiations or a trial that get you the relief you need.

With so much at stake, it is unsurprising that many debt collectors and creditors take great pains to stay on the right side of the law. However, you could have an option even if there was no illegal activity involved.


Bankruptcy is not for everyone, but it could create an automatic stay that might give you relief from creditor harassment. This function may also help you stop repossession actions or simply keep your utilities running. The purpose of this stay is to stop your creditors from collecting debts until the court decides who will get paid and how.

You have rights. If your creditors try to convince you otherwise, there could be illegal activity involved. Even if nobody is trying to directly intimidate you, you could potentially exercise your rights to stop collection actions via bankruptcy.

Are you unsure of how to start? Take a comprehensive and detailed look at your finances, the communications you have had with your creditors and your plans for the future. The best path forward will probably become apparent.