Planning ahead to help care for aging parents

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For many families in Wisconsin, the thought of planning for the care of their aging parents is not an immediate concern until they begin to notice that their parents age is starting to affect their ability to live independently. However, families that start making arrangements for the future and are communicating regularly about how to honor their parents’ wishes while providing customized care, will be much better off in the long run.

Perhaps the most important thing for anyone to remember is that elder care planning requires communication. Aging parents should absolutely be kept in the loop and be active participants in finalizing a plan, especially if they are still able to independently make decisions. Families should work together to identify the desires of their parents and then develop a plan that addresses each of their needs without creating too much strain on any of the caretakers.

According to AARP, the topic of care planning should be carefully discussed so as not to cause offense to the people who will benefit from it. One suggestion is that people looking to begin discussions about the future with their parents, do not approach the conversation with their own ideas already in their heads. Conversations should remain objective and caretakers should do their best to feed off of the ideas and desires that are given by the person who the care plan is for. says that a helpful way for people to begin finalizing the details of an elder care plan is to look at the person’s individual needs and then begin working within each of those areas. Throughout the process, important documents should be gathered and properly organized for easy access and reference in the future.