How do you dispute an error on your credit report?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | Consumer Protection |

There are several tools and resources that can help you dispute errors on your credit reports in Wisconsin. To correct an error on your credit report, you will want to reach out to the credit reporting agency, the company that provided the information or both. There are a bunch of specialty consumer reporting agencies that collect credit history and other data, but the big three nationwide agencies are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. The company that provided the information could be your bank, landlord, credit card company or debt collecting. These are known as furnishers. 

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, you should contact the credit reporting agency either online, by mail or by phone. Be prepared with the following: your personal contact information, an explanation of the mistake and why it is an error. Also, make sure you have any evidence that supports your dispute and your report confirmation number. If you do not have it, then it could be found on your credit report. Then request the credit reporting agency either remove or correct the error. Remember to save copies of all documents and communication in relation to the dispute. 

You can also dispute the information with the furnisher. That’s the company that provided the information to the credit reporting agency. There are confined sample letters you can use to communicate with specialty consumer reporting agencies and furnishers along with clear, step by step instructions on how to dispute credit report information and how they may be corrected. 

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