What are the different Medicaid options for seniors?

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Medicaid is a government health insurance, but there are various programs within Medicaid. You will need to determine which program best suits your needs and that you qualify for.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, seniors have some of the same Medicaid options as younger applicants and also specific options for their age group only. It is important to choose the program that has the features you need since they will all differ slightly.

Additional requirements

Some of the Medicaid programs will have additional requirements you must meet. For example, family care requires you to have a medical issue or disability to qualify. Other programs that require you to have a disability or complex medical issue include the Family Care Partnership Program, Qualified Disabled and Working Individual Program,

If you get Supplemental Security Income, there is also the SSI Income Related Medicaid program.

Other programs

There are some other program options that will provide different care based on your needs. IRIS or Include, Respect, I Self-Direct will help with your long-term care needs. PACE or Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly is a full-service type program offering health coverage along with long-term care and prescriptions.

The Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program is an additional coverage to help you pay for your premiums and deductible from Medicare, and the Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary Program will assist with Medicare premiums. The SeniorCare Prescription Drug Assistance Program is specifically for prescription drug coverage.

Do keep in mind that all Medicaid programs will require you to meet income guidelines regardless of other requirements.