Helping You After Auto Fraud

When you purchase a car you expect it to be reliable. You depend on it to get to work, the grocery store and family events. Unfortunately, auto fraud happens every day. If you purchase a car and find it has significant mechanical problems, you may be able to get your money back.

The Law Office of Rollie R. Hanson, S.C., has been helping victims of auto fraud for over 30 years. He understands dealership tactics, laws and how to prove fraudulent acts occurred.

What Is Auto Fraud?

There are many kinds of car dealer fraud. Car fraud or auto fraud happens every day. Common types of auto fraud include:

  • The automobile dealership may sell a car that has been an accident with significant damage and not inform the buyer.
  • The car dealer may hide defects in the engine, transmission or suspension and then overcharge the customer.
  • Dealerships may erase error codes from the car’s computer and then the codes will come back within a few days of the sale.
  • The car dealer may sell a rebuilt wreck that is not safe to drive without telling the customer.

There are also cases where dealerships will put false information on the credit application, including inflated income or other inaccurate information regarding credit standing, to push a sale. Our lawyer can help you uncover these tactics and take action.

Precautions To Take When Buying A Car

You should be very careful when buying a used car. Always check the car history as best you can. You may run a Carfax report before you buy the car, however, you should be aware of that Carfax is not always complete. The car dealer is required to let you have an independent mechanic inspect the car before buying it. You should have your own mechanic look at the car.

If the dealer does not want to let you get an independent inspection, walk away.

Start Fighting Back Today

If you bought a used car and find there was fraud or misrepresentation committed by the dealer, contact The Law Office of Rollie R. Hanson, S.C., today. Call our Wisconsin office today at 414-321-9733. Based in Milwaukee, we proudly serve people like you. In some cases, attorney Rollie R. Hanson can get legal fees paid by the dealership.