Protecting You Against Wrongful Repossession

Having your car repossessed can impact your life in many ways. You rely on your vehicle for your commute to work, to get groceries and for other daily necessities. Without your car, your daily life becomes more difficult. If your vehicle was wrongfully repossessed, you may feel stressed and confused. The Law Office of Rollie R. Hanson, S.C., can help you take the steps you need to fight back.

What Are The Requirements?

Wisconsin laws require lenders to follow strict steps when repossessing a vehicle. If your lender failed to follow correct procedures, you can take action. In order to repossess a car, the following requirements must be met:

  • The loan has to be in default.
  • The creditor must provide notice of default.
  • The creditor must provide you written notice of your right to cure the default.
  • The creditor must abide by a 15-day waiting period before repossession.
  • After repossession, the creditor must wait 15 days before selling the vehicle.

Throughout this process, creditors are not allowed to invade your privacy, unlock a gate or enter your property to retrieve the vehicle. Creditors also cannot harass you during any of this. During a repo, creditors and individuals carrying out the repossession are not allowed to commit a breach of peace. If you tell them you object to the repo, they must leave your vehicle alone and not intimidate you in any way.

Your Entitlements After Wrongful Repossession

If you believe that your car was wrongfully repossessed, or you experienced any of the above, you can take action. Our attorney will help you determine if you have a valid claim and fight on your behalf. Victims of illegal repossession are entitled to:

  • Keep your vehicle without any further obligations to the loan
  • Recover all previously made payments
  • Recover compensation for money spent as a result of you not having your vehicle
  • Recover compensation for attorney fees and unlawful conduct

Take Action Immediately

It is important that you act quickly. Contact our Milwaukee-based firm to get an advocate on your side. Call us at  414-321-9733 or fill out our submission form to set up a consultation with our experienced attorney. We are ready to help you through this difficult time.