Helping You Protect Your Assets And Get Funding For Long-Term Care

Aging takes its toll on the body regardless of how healthy or active you are. In some cases, medical issues can catch you off guard. The cost of essential medical care is often high and can be a burden.

At The Law Office of Rollie R. Hanson, S.C., we understand what you are going through. Our attorney will work with you to protect the assets you’ve built up over time through Medicaid planning.

What Is Medicaid Planning?

Medicaid is a government program that has specific financial and asset requirements. Medicaid is funded by both state and federal dollars, but is administered by Wisconsin. Medicaid planning is the process of preserving your assets while ensuring you qualify for as much Medicaid assistance possible so that you can pay for long-term care.

Our lawyer will answer your questions and guide you through each step from start to finish. In order to help you properly protect your assets through Medicaid planning, we will:

  • Help you structure your financial resources
  • Prepare and review all documentation for the Medicaid program
  • Manage asset transfers and convert countable assets into exempt assets
  • Create and establish trusts

The qualifications for Medicaid will depend on your marital status and the living situation of both you and your spouse. The amount of asset preservation will vary and is dependent on proper Medicaid and estate planning documents.

What Is A Look-Back Period?

When you apply for Medicaid, your financial information will be reviewed. The intake worker will look for any evidence of gifting and asset transfers. Transfers and gifts must come with reasonable compensation in return. If you are in a nursing home or considering a nursing home placement, you should not give any significant gifts or transfer assets without consulting our firm.

Start Protecting Your Assets Today

Don’t watch your assets disappear because you suddenly have to pay for long-term health care. Call our firm at 414-321-9733 to learn more about Medicaid planning and options available to you. Located in Milwaukee, we can be reached through our contact form as well. We look forward to guiding you through this difficult matter and relieving this burden.